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In compliance with the established standard of the new General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679

This website may obtain its own or third-party cookies in order to provide content according to your interests. Once you access the website from your cell phone, tablet or computer, it is accepted to download cookies on said devices in order to optimize and improve the experience on our site.

It is important to clarify that these cookie policies will be updated periodically, our ideal is to help you understand what computer cookies are and what they are for.

As a member of this site, you have the right to change the pre-established cookie settings from your browser.

The cookie policy of the site is within the navigation of our datingsexxx platform.

What are Cookies and what are they necessary for?

A cookie or computer cookie is a small information file that is saved on your device each time you access our website.

The function of a cookie is to save the information of the route that you take while using our platform, so that once you access our site again, the cookie remembers that information and saves it taking into account your browsing preferences, this gives you a better and faster user experience.

A cookie is a very light and harmless file, it cannot damage your device or generate malicious files. But if you can obtain personal data such as history and browsing preferences, generating an impact on your right to data protection.

Information stored by a cookie

They can save personal data, data that are exclusive of a technical nature, personal content preferences. For example: in the user section to reduce the number of times you enter the password

Cookies can be per session which are eliminated once you leave the site or persistent which remain on your computer for a specified time.

These can be sent by the main datingsexxx domain, which are own cookies or sent by a third party, which are third-party cookies sent by a different domain than datingsexxx.

What can I do with cookies?

They can be accepted, deleted or blocked according to the settings that you make from your browser. If you want to configure your cookies, you can search your browser for a tutorial and you can do it yourself, it is very simple.

Cookies you may have on your website

Analytics: They are used to collect statistical navigation data for the member to use the page. The data collection is anonymous and allows a better user experience, guaranteeing the quality of the service.

For internal use: The website uses so-called cookies for internal use for the proper functioning of datingsexxx. We use cookies for the following:

Keep the session when the user browses the page
User authentication
Under the hiring of a subscription plan
Language preferences.
By disabling cookies or blocking them from your browser, you can prevent the proper functioning of the functions provided on the website.

Use for social networks:

Datingnsexxx may offer functionalities associated with social networks to share content through the established icons of each one. The cookies that are useful to be able to share said content are used so that you do not give your data again to access and see said shared content.

The cookies we use

How to disable cookies?

Without problems, you can at any time withdraw the consent to the use of cookies or the blocking of downloads through the specific functions of the browser you have in use.


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