Privacy policies

In accordance with the provisions of article 13 of regulation (EU) 679/2016 (“RGPD”)

The website with original location in Spain-Madrid, in its capacity to handle and control the personal data of registered users on our adult sexual dating website (subsequently named the website), protects and keeps the personal data of its users confidential.

Once the user registers, he gives consent that he agrees with the privacy policies – terms and conditions of the site. We recommend that users read our policies carefully before using the platform, and once registered, check it regularly in case an update has been made. It should be noted that if there is a change in information that is essential to read and know, it will be sent to your email and you will be notified.

We reserve the right to update our current policies at different times, taking into account the changes made by the European Data Protection Committee. Said updates or changes made to our policies will be visible in our link located in the footer or bottom of the website where they can access whenever they want by viewing the updates.

What information our website collects including cookies

We can collect all the data entered on the site in all its versions (mobile, Tablet, desktop) in our registration forms as well as in the contact form such as:

Personal data: names, surnames, contact information, date of birth, sexual preferences, gender, location.

Payment information: credit card information, number of cards with which you have made a payment, your PayPal account.

Additional personal data: photos, sexual preferences, tastes, additional site data, location, upcoming trips, description of your physical appearance, eye color, height, etc.

In addition to collecting personal data, our website uses cookies to improve your user experience when browsing our platform. Cookies are small text files that many pages use which are stored on your mobile device, Tablet or computer. For more information about cookies you can see our cookie policies.

How we collect this information

* Through user registration for the enjoyment of all its functions

* Through ads

In case of registering with personal data of another person, you must make sure that person has read and agrees with our policies. The website is not responsible for the use and treatment of said personal data that the user provided. By registering on our website you will be able to receive information from our portal, if you do not wish to receive information from us you must notify it.

What we do with your information

We can use it to send newsletters, promotions, news, new users, administration and management of your account, support of any problem with your account, for the analysis of the site in terms of advertising, to comply with our terms and conditions, the website may offer your data to third parties exclusively to perform services for us (advertising issues, etc.)

With whom we share your information

Your information may be shared with service providers authorized by us, for the proper functioning of the website in the face of any inconvenience or request, taking good care of your data.

Subscription plans

We offer three subscription plans:

1st Basic: Free plan. You can upload 2 photos to your profile, chat with 5 people per day, and be in the featured section once a month. This is the default subscription of our platform.

2nd VIP: Payment plan. You will have the right to upload 15 photos to your profile, talk to the users you want per day, add your phone number and be in the top and highlighted section as many times as you want.

3rd Premium: Payment plan. You will have the right to upload 40 photos, talk to unlimited users, be in the featured and unlimited upper section, add your phone number and you can charge money for the hottest photos that you upload to your profile for which other users pay to see.

Where information is processed and how data is kept safe

We work with security measures to keep your data safe, we have secure servers where we have your information, also backup copies where we store it for a while.

The information collected on our website can be managed in the country of origin of our service providers, being aware of the importance of security and data protection of our users.

How long they store the information

We store your data for as long as you keep your account or direct relationship with the website active, whenever it is necessary to keep your data stored for the proper functioning of its functions.

Once we no longer need to have your data archived to keep your account or functions active, your information will be safely deleted. Likewise, once you request the total elimination of your account, your data will no longer be stored, but if you keep your account suspended, the data will remain stored on our servers.

Data storage time after the suspension of my account, after the suspension of the account or inactivity of the same, we will store your data for a period of 2 years.

Information about you

This privacy policy is directed exclusively to the data that you enter in our portal that we obtain from you. It is your total will to publish your information or that of others, as well as communicate with users also registered on our website, share information with them such as photos, personal data, comments and other information. As it is a public page, the data that you enter in the portal in the profile section will be fully visible to other users, if for any reason you do not want other users to know your sexual preferences, your date of birth or your name. you will need to enter a username to identify it as a nickname. Attention: credit card information, or personal data not shown publicly, we only handle it in a safe and discreet way.

As a user of this platform, you have the right to oppose these policies. Said opposition must be sent to the email

How can I access my information

Having created an account on our website, you can locate your personal data in the «edit profile» section, in which you can access and change your personal information if you wish. In the same way, you can deactivate or suspend your account in the privacy section.


Our contact details are completely at your disposal. For questions or complaints you can contact our email we have personalized customer service.

If you have any questions about our policies please contact us.

Age restriction

This website is aimed exclusively at users of legal age, taking into account the ages for their majority in the regulations of each country. Each user has full knowledge that the website is for sex dating, within which they will meet people who wish to have a sexual encounter with each other. We have a duty to remove all information from our databases and servers that we suspect comes from a person under 18 years of age (except the United States, where the age of majority is 21 years of age).

Explicit material or photos

Our users agree to publish explicit photos of their private parts, as long as they are their own and are of legal age. The uploading of sexual material by children is completely prohibited and users who upload pedophile content to our platform will be immediately reported to the authorities, as expressed in our terms and conditions.


Our website is translated into several languages, but the original language of our policies is Spanish. If the translation into another language is misunderstood, you agree that the original version is in Spanish. Translation is just an additional service so that users from other countries can enjoy our services.

Subscription Payment

If, when registering, you choose a subscription option other than the free one, this subscription cannot be transferred to any other person or member. In the event that your credit card has expired, or made a change of address or modified another aspect of the registered payment, you must inform the website of said change. In the event that the member has not notified the changes by email or the contact form, the site will continue to use your payment method registered by you and you will be solely responsible.

In case of theft, loss or fraud, we are open to collaborate with information to your bank so that it solves any inconvenience.

We have a subscription system with recurring payment, if you choose this plan, you will be charged monthly for the service and you will agree.